Perimeters, container yards, restricted buildings and space, offices, bulk goods and infrastructure: all of these need to be managed in order to keep goods, employees and clients secure. Privacy needs to be respected and it is crucial to prevent physical and cybersecurity breaches. All of this needs to be achieved while enabling a quick turnaround.

Why is CathexisVision the best choice for logistics
companies? Operators and security managers can rely on one system, CathexisVision, to meet the site’s surveillance management needs.

Logistics Brochure
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  • CathexisVision does the analysis for you, optimising the control room environment.
  • Fast, real-time alerts enable response teams to react quickly to incidents.
  • System reliability and low maintenance maximise up-time and cost-effectiveness.
  • Video analytics create an easy-to-monitor site by performing automated functions.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy features help you address compliance and data protection.
  • The solution can be tailored and scaled to meet your site’s unique needs.
  • Third-party systems integration amplifies the value of the CathexisVision solution.

Protect all areas of the site

Perimeter monitoring

  • CathexisVision offers sophisticated tools which work seamlessly with standard or thermal cameras to give real-time alerts and help staff make informed decisions.
  • CathexisVision integrates with electronic fence monitoring systems, adding another layer of security.
  • The video analytics suite can be configured to: detect, classify and count objects; identify abandoned objects; detect people walking up to or crossing the boundary, loitering, or entering forbidden areas; and notify the control room before an incident occurs.


  • Customised solutions to protect all buildings, from gate houses and offices to warehouses and control rooms.
  • Powerful search tools, video analytics and AI algorithms.
  • Integration with number plate or container recognition, access control, intercoms and fire panels.
  • Arm or disarm intrusion panels locally or remotely.
  • The CathexisVision API interface enables third-party software to retrieve both video and data from CathexisVision

Cathexis provides an API (Application Programming Interface) which enables third-party software to retrieve both video and data from the CathexisVision software.



Container yards

  • Monitor activity through stacking areas, roads and walkways, muster and debrief points, and access control turnstiles.
  • Quickly review footage on one or more cameras.
  • Follow people or vehicles across cameras with Adjacent Camera Mapping.
  • Use the SMART search feature to find events easily.
  • Detect abandoned objects.
  • Trigger events/alarms when there is unusual activity.
  • Control PTZ cameras for object tracking.
  • Archive video to media devices.

Container and vehicle management

Number plate and container recognition

  • Licence plates can be compared to lists of plates in configured groups, such as staff or contractors. There are automated actions configured for when a recognised plate falls within a designated group.
  • Raise an alarm when a plate contained in an unauthorised group has been detected. Or, when an authorised number plate is detected, the gate can be opened automatically.
  • The software also offers a comprehensive database search facility for finding vehicle license plates.
  • Container number recognition: through integration with partner products, CathexisVision can match container numbers with number plates, and track containers throughout the site.

Detect speeding

  • The speed algorithm provides alerts and recordings of vehicles travelling at speeds higher than a desired limit.

Identify objects

  • Object classification allows operators to search for vehicles by type or colour within a specified time period on a specific camera, or across multiple cameras.

Powerful integration capacity

Access control and alarm panels

  • Integration with premium access control systems allows CathexisVision to respond automatically to incidents such as anti-passback or after-hours activity.
  • Actions include playing notifications or moving a PTZ camera. For example, if someone tries at enter an unauthorised area, an alarm can be triggered, and the operator can be alerted with information and video verification of the event.
  • CathexisVision can integrate with alarm panels covering several buildings.
  • Optimise staff management through time and attendance system integrations.
  • Operators can search the integration database for footage of specific events.

Analytics and cameras

  • CathexisVision integrates with most major brands of IP cameras and also integrates with specialised analytics devices.

Smoke and fire detection

  • CathexisVision shows operators which fire or smoke alarm unit has been triggered via the Alarm Management Gateway, and displays map locations and footage.

Weighbridges and goods scanning

  • CathexisVision’s ability to integrate with weighbridges and inventory scanning devices ensures the highest standard of asset management on logistics sites. CathexisVision provides video verification of weighing and scanning activity, which is stored with event information in a searchable database.

Control room management

Video wall

  • The Video wall facilitates the control of many monitors from a single “mimic” panel, and enables tours of cameras and layouts on selected panels or monitors.
  • On events, cameras can be automatically switched to selected monitors.
  • Monitor and manage multiple sites across regions, from a central platform.

Smart search

  • Use Adjacent Camera Mapping to track people or vehicles across cameras.
  • Find footage of specific incidents using SMART search tools.
  • Quickly review footage on one or more cameras.

Video analytics

  • Control PTZ cameras for object tracking.
  • Trigger commands in response to unusual activity after hours or in areas that should be vacant, or detect abandoned objects and loitering.

User friendly interface

CathexisVision provides a user-friendly interface with which to manage the entire solution, and enables simultaneous connection to multiple sites with concurrent viewing of cameras from these locations.


A multi-layered map allows users to investigate areas of interest by clicking on an area, zooming in, and viewing selected cameras. The map provides graphical alerts from system events and enables users to control third-party devices.

Alarm management gateway

A complete event management solution allows events to be assigned priority levels, cameras, sites and maps. When an event is received, operators will be automatically guided to the camera and/or map, and procedures will be presented. All events and operator activities are databased.