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EOL Product End Of Life

The EIO-3148 network base IO expander device enables comprehensive access and control of remote in/output relays over an Ethernet network. In applications where an Ethernet network already exists, this is a significant cost-saver as it does away with the requirement for cabling. The EIO3148 has 8 inputs and 4 outputs

Video /Data Association : Yes
Event Control : Yes
Database Search : Yes
Interactive and Map Control : Yes
CathexisVision Version : CatVision 2016 Service Pack 2 and later
License : No license required when used as a standard IO Device.
Connection Type :    Ethernet Port
Counter :  The counter assigned to an input on the EIO3148.
Overlays : 

The overlay is displayed on the camera that is assigned to the counter. 

Multiple Counters : 

There can be up to 8 counters per device.  

Cathexis Documentation  

Cathexis EIO-3148 Brochure

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