Impro Portal

CathexisVision Integration

This access control system consists of impro network door controllers and connected equipment such as doors and readers. The CathexisVision software communicates with the impro portal software. Doors can be opened, emergency unlocked and locked down from the CathexisVision software.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: Yes
Transaction Video Overlays: Yes
CathexisVision Version:

Impro Portal V4.1 (CathexisVision 2016 SP3 and later)

Impro Portal V4.6x (CathexisVision 2023.5/2024.2 and later required for door state updates)

Impro Portal V5.0 (2023.5/2024.2 and later)



License: CIMP-1001, CIMP-2000, CIMP-3000

    • CathexisVision receives no notifications from Portal when communication is lost between Portal and the hardware. As such,in this condition, we cannot then display a state for the hardware.


Impro Access Portal Pro Integration Guide

Impro Access Portal Pro Integration App-note.pdfDownload

Impro Access Portal Pro Integration Brochure

Impro Access Portal Integration Brochure_v1.pdfDownload



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