Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and access control

Impro Access Portal Pro Integration Guide
Size: 1.70 MB

Cathexis, in partnership with Impro Technologies, has developed a powerful integration solution between the Portal Pro

Software and the CathexisVision video management software. This integration enables CathexisVision on general and

Zone events from the Portal Pro software.

  • Access control and CCTV on a single platform for streamlined operation.
  • Associate cameras with access control events for real-time visual identification.
  • Search and filter the database to find access control events and associated video footage.
  • Generate reports in CathexisVision on data received from the Portal Pro software.
  • Add device to a site map.
  • Create unique actions triggered by access control events, such as:
    o Record or control cameras
    o Send event info to local or off-site control rooms
    o Send email or SMS notifications
    o Play audio clips
    o Control the device