Impro IXP-220

CathexisVision Integration

Fully redundant off-line operation including anti-passback and input/output control, with support for up to 256 anti-passback doors and 10,000 tags per system.
Video /Data Association: Yes
Event Control: Yes
Database Search: Yes
Interactive and Map Control: No
CathexisVision Version: CatVision 2016 Service Pack 2 and later 
Impro Software Version:

V1.8.6 SP2 and later

Impro Firmware Version:

Controller and Terminal can use v5.08, v5.10


CACC-2000 Device with CACC-1001 Single Door, or CACC-1008 for 8 Doors.

CACC-3000 Bundle includes device license and unlimited doors.

Cathexis Documentation  

Impro IXP220 Integration Guide

Impro IXP220 integration.pdfDownload


Cathexis Integrations