Feature Clips

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  • Detailed coverage of CathexisVision features and how to use them.
  • Overviews of the CathexisVision features and analytics.
  • Our integrations with technology partners.
  • Talks and presentations from recent roadshows.
  • Thermal footage with and without analytics applied.
  • Explainers on CathexisVision’s video analytics.
  • Webinars on topics relating to business and video surveillance management.

Feature Videos

  • Learn more about CathexisVision’s powerful and versatile range of features, such as access control integration, advanced search tools, adjacent camera mapping, video analytics and more.
  • Get instructions on how to download and install the trial version of CathexisVision, which is freely available on our website.
  • Understand the CathexisVision package, license and server hardware selection process with our design tools The license calculator helps users calculate the correct CathexisVision suite to get, according to the number of camera channels and other features required. Choose the best recording server hardware specifications for your site with the server hardware calculator.

Tutorial Videos

This extensive catalogue contains setup and operational videos on configuring and using CathexisVision. These tutorial videos are grouped according to themes, such as video analytics, archiving, cameras, number plate recognition, video wall, database, features, server setup, and CathexisVision Map Editor. Watch knowledge session videos to learn how Cathexis has developed video surveillance solutions for ANPR, Covid and other challenges, and see how these solutions work in real-life scenarios.