Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and fire alarms

Advanced fire alarm integration brochure
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The integration between CathexisVision and the Advanced Fire Alarm Control Panel has brought about

a sophisticated single solution for the end user. Using the interface of CathexisVision and Advanced, this

integration allows for video-data association whereby, certain cameras associate with certain fire sensors, on a software level.

  • ANPR and CCTV on a single platform for simplified operation.
  • Ability to associate cameras to the precise fire event for real-time visual identification.
  • Graphical representation of status and events on the map interface.
  • Mining of the database to find fire events and associated video footage.
  • Create unique actions on specific events. e.g:
    o Switch camera to selected screen
    o Send event info to local or off-site control room
    o Move PTZ cameras to preset positions associated with fire alarm panels
    o Send email or SMS notificationso Switch outputs