Combining advanced video management software and alarm panel technology to help operators make informed, safe decisions, quickly.

AVS Integration Brochure
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CathexisVision offers an efficient, all-in-one security solution for managing third-party systems. Operators can view and monitor AVS alarm panel events from the CathexisVision interface, together with associated video footage of the events. Operators can even issue commands to the device, such as arming, and disarming zones. Additionally, the integration allows users to configure suspicious events – such as denied access – to trigger alarms and notifications. All video and access control data is stored in one place: our reliable and accessible database.

  • Manage alarm panels and video monitoring from a single, streamlined security solution.
  • Get reliable evidence and video verification of alarm panel events, speeding up response times.
  • Database mining for easy data sorting and searching as well as report generation.
  • Group zones for easy monitoring and greater control.
  • Easily view device event status and locations with site maps.
  • Link alarm panel events to automated actions.