Integrated Solutions for Enhanced Video Monitoring and Fire Safety

Detnov Brochure
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CathexisVision and Detnov have joined forces to integrate Detnov’s advanced fire alarm system into the CathexisVision platform, providing a comprehensive solution for security and fire safety monitoring. This collaboration introduces the integration of Detnov’s cutting-edge CAD-150 fire alarm panel with the extensive video monitoring capabilities of CathexisVision. The result is a streamlined, efficient approach to safety and security management, offering users the ability to monitor fire events with added reassurance and control room efficiency.

The integration enables operators to view and manage Detnov fire panel alerts directly within the CathexisVision interface, allowing for the quick retrieval of related video footage for any fire event. Additionally, it facilitates remote control over the fire alarm panel, enhancing the overall management of safety measures.

Key features of this integration include:

  • Unified monitoring of CCTV and fire alarms within a single system, offering video verification of fire events.
  • Advanced search and filtering capabilities within CathexisVision to efficiently locate access control events and their corresponding video evidence.
  • The ability to generate detailed reports in CathexisVision based on data obtained from the software.
  • Integration of fire safety devices into site maps for intuitive and comprehensive monitoring.
  • Customizable actions triggered by fire alarm events, such as activating recording on specific cameras, sending event information to control rooms (both local and remote), dispatching email or SMS notifications, and playing predefined audio clips for alerts or instructions.

This partnership between CathexisVision and Detnov exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to integrating fire safety and video surveillance technologies, providing a more secure and efficient environment for users.