Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and facial recognition

Herta Integration Brochure
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Cathexis, in partnership with Herta, has developed a powerful integration solution between the Herta Facial Recognition software and the

CathexisVision video management software. This integration enables the CathexisVision software to receive information on facial recognition

events linking cameras to the Herta device.

  • Facial recognition and CCTV on a single platform for streamlined operation.
  • Associate cameras with facial recognition events for real-time visual identification.
  • Search and filter the database to find facial recognition events and associated video footage.
  • Create unique actions when faces are detected, such as:
  • o Record cameras
    o Control the Herta device
    o Send event info to local or off-site control room
    o Send email or SMS notifications
    o Play audio clips