Powerful integrated solutions for video surveillance and fence management

OptaSense Brochure
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CathexisVision’s integration with OptaSense distributed fibre-optic sensing (DFOS) enhances

perimeter security by using alerts based on acoustic signals to trigger CathexisVision system events

OptaSense uses distributed fibre-optic sensing to identify and locate threats in real time, with point-

locating capabilities up to 10m. This technology has both industry and security applications, including

perimeter security, border security, and strategic asset protection. OptaSense’s advanced Perimeter Intrusion

Detection System (PIDS) detects activity and classifies on stealth approach, personnel, vehicles, and manual or

mechanical digging.

  • Monitor CCTV and perimeters on a single system which provides video verification of events.
  • Search and filter the database to find OptaSense events and associated video footage.
  • Generate reports in CathexisVision on data received from the OptaSense software package.
  • Add device to a site map.
  • Create unique actions on fire alarm events
    o Record and control cameras
    o Send event info to local or off-site control room
    o Send email or SMS notifications
    o Play audio clips