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Urmet IPassan Integration Brochure
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CathexisVision’s integration with Urmet’s IPassan IP Access Control system is designed specifically to meet

the video management requirements of multi-level accommodation, with a large number of access points

and devices, such as doors, gates, and elevators. IPassan is a cloud-based IP Access Control system that

is programmed using the web software tool, IPassan Manager. Access control events are sent from IPassan

Manager to CathexisVision, which uses this information to trigger automatic CathexisVision actions such as

camera recordings, and notifications to the base station.

  • Monitor CCTV cameras together with access control on a single system
  • Search and filter the database to find access control events and associated video footage.
  • Generate reports in CathexisVision on data received from Urmet IPassan.
  • Add device to a site map.
  • Create unique actions on fire alarm events
    o Record and control cameras
    o Send event info to local or off-site control room
    o Send email or SMS notifications
    o Play audio clips