Founded in 1453, Istanbul University sees tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors pass through its campuses daily. Its satellite institution, Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa, was formed in 2018 and has eight campuses.

Cathexis secures the campuses of both institutions through a sizable number of cameras, all monitored via remote site connections. The installation totals 2475 cameras, using nine different brands of both fixed and PTZ optical cameras.

Remote monitoring is carried out at two central control rooms, with a NAS storage array. The failover system ensures system stability. Other features include alarm management and access rights management, as well as the use of site maps.

In CathexisVision, the university has a powerful video management solution that protects its people and assets, catering to the particular needs of this historic site.

Istanbul University Case Study
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CustomerIstanbul University and Istanbul University,

Vertical Market: Education

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Installer: Vega

Distributor: Vega CCTV Solutions

Application: To provide a camera-driven campus security system, monitored via two control rooms.

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Major Features:

  • IP camera support
  • Failover
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Video wall
  • Centralised control room management
  • Third-party integration capability
  • Alarm Management Gateway


Chosen for its extensive functionality and scalability, the CathexisVision Premium suite ensures that all current and future video management requirements can be
accommodated on Istanbul University campus.


The placement of 2475 fixed and PTZ optical cameras , managed by CathexisVision, helps protect students, staff and visitors, and secure valuables, stock, equipment and property. From parking lots and perimeters, to corridors and pathways, all areas of a campus can be secured effectively. The nine camera brands used in this installation are managed with ease, and CathexisVision accommodates legacy analog cameras while supporting potential upgrades.

Control Room

Two control rooms monitor the 2475 cameras placed across the campuses. The control rooms include multiple CathexisVision client operator stations, video walls with automated switching to relevant camera views on events, alarm management gateways, and interactive maps. CathexisVision’s control room solution ensures efficiency, with only a few operators required to monitor the cameras. For convenience, the university’s head of security and control room manager use the CathexisVision mobile application to stay informed of events.

CathexisVision Features

The CathexisVision solution includes failover redundancy, ensuring system up-time and consistent security monitoring.