The Topkapı Palace in Istanbul was the residence of Ottoman sultans and the administrative centre of the imperial court from the 15th to mid-19th century. Today, the complex is a UNESCO world heritage site and museum showcasing collections of Ottoman artifacts and history. The CathexisVision video surveillance management solution helps protect this historic site, managing a system of over 1000 cameras installed by our valued partner, Vega CCTV Solutions.

CathexisVision’s advanced video analytics and event-based monitoring features reduce risk, assisting staff with situational awareness. CathexisVision ensures that the Topkapı Palace will be preserved for future generations.

Topkapı Palace Case Study
Topkapı Palace Case Study
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Customer: Topkapı Palace

Vertical Market: Tourism

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Installer: Vega CCTV Solutions

Distributor: Vega CCTV Solutions

Application: To provide a camera-driven security system to protect this historic site.

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Major Features:

  • Camera support
  • Failover
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Video wall
  • Control room management
  • Third-party integration capability
  • Alarm management