Ski Dubai was very specific about the long and short-term objectives for this installation. It wanted to invest with a vendor that could offer a cost-effective solution with improved functionality and the capacity to allow for future integration with third-party systems such as access control, fire detection and point-of-Sale.

The customer required central recording via multiple servers, including failover servers, monitoring by central control room with operator management and multiple server video wall, with 279 IP cameras. This installation also required integration with specific brands of cameras that would be able to operate reliably in an extremely cold environment.

In keeping with the client’s requirements, Cathexis was able to provide the client with highly efficient and effective, fully integrated, video management software system that would successfully replace the existing system, and support 279 IP Cameras, with the capability to upgrade and integrate over 400+ cameras in the future.

  • Administering movement into and out of the estate using access control technology;
  • Securing the perimeter using AI video analytics, and monitoring the electric fence;
  • Promoting safe driving within the estate;
  • Managing lights to ensure safety, limit light pollution and optimise electricity consumption;
  • Monitoring the temperature and health of devices;
  • Optimising the deployment of guards by controlling devices remotely.
Ski Dubai Case Study
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Customer: Ski Dubai – MAF (Majid Al Futtaim)

Vertical Market: Retail

Location:  Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Installer: Elaf Technology Solutions

Distributor: Agility Grid LLC

Application: To provide a fully integrated video management system that would successfully replace the existing systems, and support a combination of 297 IP and analog cameras, with the capability to upgrade and integrate over 400+ cameras in future

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Major Features:

  • IP and analogue camera support
  • Advanced video search
  • Smart video analytics
  • System failover redundancy
  • Centralised alarm management
  • Third-party integration capability


CathexisVision’s integration capability, reliability, flexibility and longevity, have made Cathexis solutions ideal for the retail security environment, providing real value across business operations, as well as a real return on investment

Cameras integration

  • Seamless integration with all 279 IP cameras, with the capability to upgrade and integrate over 400+ cameras in future.

Cost effective

  • A more cost-effective licensing structure provided the capability to change or expand from the existing set-up and provide further functionality in future.

Adjacent camera mapping

  • High-speed suspect tracking using the CathexisVision adjacent camera mapping feature which enables users to easily follow suspects across multiple cameras at the click of a button.

Advanced video search

The advanced video search feature provided by CathexisVision, provided the ideal solution for this installation, where the control room operators can speed up the viewing of pre-recorded footage and eliminate the need to review irrelevant footage.

  • The snap search tool is ideal for this high activity application because it uses thumbnail images to quickly pinpoint the time of any incident.
  • The motion search feature automatically finds the footage associated with motion in user-defined areas.

Third-party integration

  • While this installation did not require any initial third-party integrations, the customer specifically wanted the new video management solution to allow for future third-party integrations, such as access control, fire detection and point-of-sale.

Failover redundancy

  • The CathexisVision solution included failover redundancy providing the customer with complete peace-of-mind