The client needed to automate the security checks associated with the delivery and dispatch of freight at the container depot. A number of different vehicles, drivers and cargo types come in and out of the depot, with a wide range of transporters. The instructions from clients vary and thoroughfare may be for the purpose of import or export. The challenge is to find a way to make this process seamless so that security checks can operate quickly, and efficiently, with minimal need for laborious manual inspections.

This system had to satisfy two seemingly opposing demands: operations, who want to get trucks and containers in and out as fast as possible, and security who wanted to be cautious letting vehicles on site so that nothing would be stolen and no one would be put at risk.

The big challenge, and delicate balancing act, was to make sure that both operations and security were fully on board and happy with the proposed solution.

In response to the needs of the customer, Cathexis created a system that is fast and free flowing, while also being secure. In this way, the demands of both operations and security were fulfilled. Cathexis was able to provide a comprehensive integration with the container recognition software. In this setup the container recognition system is the video analytics module which provides both the container and license plate recognition. The information captured by this recognition system is then sent to the CathexisVision system to provide notifications and alerts in real time. On site, Cathexis brought a number of best of breed systems together to form a single, powerful solution.

Container Depot Case Study
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Vertical Market: Logistics Security

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Application: To provide a fully integrated video management software system with complete integration with container and number plate recognition capability for container depot operations. The system needs to be able to deal with all customers, vessels, imports, exports, packing date ranges, cargo types (containers, bulk, break bulk), and transporters.

Major Features:

  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Container recognition integration capability
  • Weighbridge integration
  • Smart video analytics
  • Third party integration capability


CathexisVision harnesses the sophisticated technology of thermal cameras, bullet cameras, and ANPR cameras. About 250 cameras of various brands are strategically placed around the grounds. By supporting a range of camera brands and manufacturers, CathexisVision offers flexibility and maximum return on investment.

Progress tracking

  • Email updates sent to customers to track the progress of the freight

Access control

  • Recognition of driver bio-metrics through access control integration

Weighbridge integration

  • Vehicles are weighed at entry and exit on a weighbridge and info logged to the system with video verification


  • Checking that the vehicle registration/s and the driver identity document match pre-advice and that the vehicle is carrying the correct container/s.
  • Recognition of driver biometrics through access control integration.
  • Grouping staff member vehicle registrations into an application for access.
  • The client can select a vehicle from a drop-down list of vehicles that are currently on-site with import/export goods.
  • At exit, checks that vehicle registration/s and driver identity document match pre-advice and that the vehicle is not carrying container/s or that if it is carrying a container, that it is carrying the same/different container that on-site entry.
  • Specific lanes for vehicles that match pre-advice and those that don’t.