Kyalami Estates is a secure residential estate with extensive facilities and 24-hour controlled access. One of the oldest estates of its kind in South Africa, Kyalami Estates is a trusted and safe environment supporting a large community of residents. With 16 parks, 5 dams, 994 houses, and thousands of residents and visitors within the boundaries of the estate’s 8km perimeter fence, protecting Kyalami Estates required a solution that centralised the management of multiple cameras and integrated devices.

CathexisVision provides this solution while addressing the security and operational requirements of Kyalami Estates.

  • Administering movement into and out of the estate using access control technology;
  • Securing the perimeter using AI video analytics, and monitoring the electric fence;
  • Promoting safe driving within the estate;
  • Managing lights to ensure safety, limit light pollution and optimise electricity consumption;
  • Monitoring the temperature and health of devices;
  • Optimising the deployment of guards by controlling devices remotely.
Kyalami Estates Case Study Brochure
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Customer: Kyalami Estates

Vertical Market: Residential Estates

Location: Midrand, South Africa

Installer: Twenty 4 Seven Security Solution

Distributor: Vega CCTV Solutions

Application: To provide a comprehensive solution which secures the estate through perimeter monitoring, promoting safe driving, and monitoring multiple integrated systems from a central control room

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Major Features:

  • Advanced AI video analytics
  • Camera support
  • Video wall
  • Control room management
  • Third-party integration capability
  • Alarm management
  • Interactive site maps for live monitoring



CathexisVision harnesses the sophisticated technology of thermal cameras, bullet cameras, and ANPR cameras. About 250 cameras of various brands are strategically placed around the grounds. By supporting a range of camera brands and manufacturers, CathexisVision offers flexibility and maximum return on investment.

Control Room

The control room monitors integrations and cameras spanning two network ranges. Operators use the interactive Maps feature to view and control cameras and devices arranged according to a site plan. In emergency situations, the video wall and alarm management gateway allow operators to manage live events quickly and efficiently. Advanced search features speed up investigations while retrieving footage to be exported as evidence. Ample storage provides extended recordings for this remarkable installation.

Advanced AI analytics

Deep learning neural networks analyse footage so that operators are informed of events automatically, instead of attempting to monitor all feeds manually. This reduces the risk of error and ensures greater accuracy in detection.

  • Video analytics at major intersections promote responsible driving and community safety. CathexisVision provides associated footage of traffic violations, which means that the estate management has reliable evidence when enforcing traffic safety rules.
  • Operators receive live alarms from the electric fence and can verify these incidents with CathexisVision. This reduces false alarms caused by animals or foliage, and assists operators in securing the estate’s perimeter.

Third-party integrations

CathexisVision’s integration capacity amplifies the power of the security solution by connecting the software’s range of features (including AI video analytics) with integrated devices

  • Access control: The CathexisVision / Impro Access Portal Pro integration monitors the entrances and exits of about 6000 registered individuals. Additionally, LlamaNET has been integrated into the Impro Access Portal Pro system to facilitate estate and visitor management. Visitor information is displayed on video overlays and all transactions are logged together with associated footage. A prebooking system provides a text message access code to visitors, and guards can use camera overlays to view visitor information. ANPR cameras monitor vehicles entering and exiting the estate.
  • CathexisVision controls input/ouput devices at 30 locations, including fences, sliding gates and lights, either in response to events or according to a schedule.
  • Lights in public spaces are automatically controlled via a schedule to ensure that particular parks are well-lit. In parks that border a residence, lights are only switched on when video analytics detect movement. This reduces light pollution and limits energy consumption.
  • The system is configured to switch on lights in response to motion detected by perimeter cameras, ensuring good visibility for incident verification.
  • Operators save time by controlling internal gates remotely when necessary, eliminating the need to open or close a gate manually.
  • Temperature sensors monitor equipment and devices. CathexisVision receives these inputs and can send notifications to management, thus protecting the equipment and maintaining system integrity. In the event of a fault, devices can be reset remotely without intruding on residents’ privacy.