Izinga Estate is a high-end residential estate comprised of four separate gated communities, located just north of uMhlanga Ridge in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Designed for discerning buyers that are looking for luxurious coastal living combined with the tranquillity of coastal life, Izinga Estate has become one of the most sought-after residential investments in the region. The estate is characterised by wide open spaces, walkways and indigenous landscaping, and is conveniently located close to a bustling hub. As one would expect the estate is managed by an active management association and a fully integrated security management system.

The requirement was to work with the consultants and integrator to design a solution to ensure the safety and security of both residents and staff of the estate, and improve the operational processes of the site. The solution therefore required a fully integrated video management system that would successfully support the surveillance and third-party security systems for the entire estate. The video management system had to demonstrate a powerful and efficient ability to allow for exceptional control room monitoring and reaction and prove its efficiency in the harshest climatic environments. The estate security system presents a number of challenges including multiple entry and exit points, as well as a vast perimeter and the typography of the site.

Izinga Estate Case Study
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CustomerIzinga Estates

Vertical Market: Residential Estates

Location: South Africa, Ridge, KZN,uMhlanga Ridge SA

Distributor: Excellerate (Enforce), Adamastor Consulting

Application: Fully integrated video management system for exceptional control room monitoring and reaction capability

Package: CathexisVision Premium

Major Features:

  • ANPR
  • Access control integration
  • Optex redwall integration
  • Vido analytics
  • Alarm management
  • Smart search
  • Video wall
  • Maps


The Cathexis Video Management Solution and Software Suite, CathexisVision Premium was chosen for its extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools and functionality to satisfy all the security and infrastructure management requirements of this site The CathexisVision Premium scalability also ensures that all future requirements will be accommodated.

The solution for the CCTV installation included:

Thermal cameras integration

Fence-mounted thermal cameras to protect the perimeter, on which the CathexisVision Video Analytics algorithms were implemented. The analytics included the Cathexis “dynamic background” modelling which effectively reduces false alarms by “learning” the environment.

Video analytics

An additional optical cameras, including PTZ cameras, that were installed two separate estates, at the critical locations. Several of these cameras also have video analytics implemented according to specific demands.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, which were installed at various points on the estate, enabling the control room operators to flag and suspicious vehicle activity and create blacklist and/or whitelist groups As well as providing license plate forensic search capability.

Control room

The control room includes multiple operator CathexisVision client operator stations, a video wall with automated video switching on events, an alarm management gateway and integrated maps. The system also includes the CathexisVision adjacent camera mapping feature which enables operators to easily follow objects or people across multiple cameras. The operators also make full use of the smart search features to find specific video incidents.

Impro Access control

Integration with the Impro Access control and visitor management system. This allows the system to take actions on specific access control events and store access control transactions and associated video footage in a database which is easily “mined” for forensics analysis

Optex Redwall infra-red detection

Integration with the Optex Redwall infra-red detection solution, which provides a system “tracking” capability when used in conjunction with both fixed and/or PTZ cameras on site.