COVID Solution Brochure
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CathexisVision video management software has risen to the challenges posed by COVID-19, offering
comprehensive, complete, and cost-effective software solutions. We offer support for a wide variety of market
sectors, such as city surveillance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, mining, retail,
government, and many more.

In the wake of COVID-19, administrative personnel, security staff, and management in all markets have been
stretched to their limit. Running businesses while maintaining safe social distances between workers and
clients, taking temperatures, and ensuring masks are worn is in itself, a full-time job. The question is, how can
we make it easier for managers on site to handle this challenging environment?

Social distancing detection to ensure safe social distancing.

Mask detection for compliance with regulations.

Thermal Camera integrations to monitor temperatures of people moving in and out of the workplace.

CathexisVision software is designed with backward compatibly as a primary goal, however due to the possibility of 3rd party products being subject to a firmware upgrade without our knowledge, a compatibility issue may arise, although extremely unlikely. If this is the case please contact our support department. [email protected]