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Failover Guidelines
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Failover model

For high security and mission critical applications where downtime of recording servers is not an option, CathexisVision offers the option of failover of recording servers. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing that data loss is no longer an issue with an automated system already in-place to assimilate the role of a failed recording server.

Cathexis uses a hot-spare model for failover. In this model, failover servers monitor recording servers. When a recording server is down one of the failover servers assumes the functions of the failed recording server.

In failover mode the failover server operates exactly like the failed recording server and the site continues to function as if the recording server had not failed. Video is buffered on the failover server and re-inserted into the original recording server’s database when it restarts.

It is possible to have multiple failover servers monitoring a site. The more failover servers the less risk of downtime.

The NVR software can be install on both Windows and Linux systems

Site in normal conguration with Hot-spare Server available to assume function of a Recording Server. Note that there are different IP addresses for the Recording and Hot-spare servers.

Site in Failover conguration with the Hot-spare Server now assumed the function of the failed Recording Server (Slave 2) The Hot-spare Server could assumed either of the Recording Servers functions.


Each failover server needs to be licensed (using CFOR-2000). Each failover server needs to have enough
failover camera licenses (CFOR-10xx) to match the number of cameras on the recording servers being
failed over.

For example, 1 failover server failing over a recording server with 20 cameras will need 20 failover camera
licenses. If a recording server has more cameras than there are failover camera licenses it will not get failed

If there are multiple failover servers the camera licenses are distributed evenly between them. For example,
if there are 3 failover servers and 90 failover camera licenses each failover server will get 30 camera
licenses and will thus be able to failover recordings servers with 30 cameras or less.


  • NetBSD servers cannot be failed over
  • If the master NVR is failed over the IP address will change for external connectivity purposes.
  • Servers with frame-grabber cards cannot be failed over